Alle Babies haben wundervolle Familien gefunden, die ihnen ein artgerechtes und glückliches Leben ermöglichen. Zwei davon leben bei uns und bereichern unser Leben. 

All babies have found wonderful families which allow them a species-appropriate and happy life. Two of the babies live with us and enrich our life.  

Hier kommt das A-Team
Here comes the A-Team


HP  A Little Bit Of Soul "Lilian"  loved by Doris and Mike

Lilly 5 days old

Lilly 5 weeks old

Lilly 7 years old


HP Angel Of Mine "Tinkerbell" forever a Hot Potatoe - living with us

Tinkerbell 5 days old

Tinkerbell 9 weeks old


Tinkerbell 7 years old

 HP Against The Wind "Little John" loved by Thomas and his family

John 5 days old

Little John 5 weeks old

 Little John 5 years old


HP All You Need Is Love "Sir" loved by the Sauerland Gang

Sir 5 days old

Sir 5 weeks old


Sir 6 years old 


HP Addicted To Love "Iwan" loved by Svetlana and Fritz

Iwan 5 days old

Iwan 5 weeks old

 Iwan 5 years old


HP A Hard Day's Night "Pünktchen" forever a Hot Potatoe - living with us

Pünktchen 5 days old

Pünktchen 8 weeks old


 Pünktchen 6 years old



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